Spaghetti with garlic and parsley

An easy, simple and above all very quick recipe to make. Here we leave you the step by step.


Step by Step:

Heat the oil in a pot, fry the garlic until it begins to brown slightly


Blend the cottage cheese with the following 2 ingredients. Empty into the pot with the garlic, mix and cook for 5 minutes over medium heat, stirring so that it does not stick.


Bathe the previously cooked and drained spaghetti with the sauce. Garnish with the chopped parsley and offer.

Culinary advice
You can fry the garlic with everything and peel and then remove it and keep the pulp, then you can integrate them into the spaghetti

Nutritional advice
Garlic is rich in vitamin B, an essential compound that reduces homocysteine ​​levels. This substance is responsible for hardening the blood vessels and bringing us multiple problems: High levels of homocysteine ​​cause the blood to be “thicker” and to produce clots.

Fish in lemon and parsley sauce

Garlic, lemon and parsley are the perfect combination to give an incredible flavor to fish fillets.

Step by Step:

the fish on both sides with salt and pepper.

a frying pan, add the olive oil and half a tablespoon of butter, cook the fish for three minutes on each side or, until they are well cooked inside.

the fish from the pan and place them on a plate, cover with aluminum foil and reserve.

the rest of the butter to the pan along with the garlic, capers and lemon juice; cook sauce until slightly thickened.

the fish fillets bathed in the butter sauce with garlic and lemon; sprinkle the parsley on top before serving.

To enjoy!

Garlic parsley potatoes

Looking for an easy and delicious recipe?

Here we leave you an option that you will love


How do we prepare it?

1- Peel and cut the potatoes into sticks, as when we are going to fry them

2- We can place them in a container and add all the ingredients, finally we add the two tablespoons of oil and rub them so that they are well impregnated

3- The next step is to place them on a rack or on a tray and we take them to the oven for an hour at 250 centigrade

Then enjoy!


Looking for a refreshing and healthy recipe for the weekend?

We have the ideal option for you and always with our best products.



1- To begin, wash the tomatoes well.

2- Chop the tomatoes in a thin wheel and arrange them in a large bowl or plate.

3- Peel the garlic, and then crush or chop into very small cubes.

4- Spread the garlic on the tomato wheels.

5- Sprinkle the salad with salt and pepper to taste.

6- Cover with a thread of olive oil, more or less thick according to personal taste, and if it has been decided to use balsamic vinegar, another thread of the latter.

To enjoy!